Monday, August 13, 2012

Meeting The Family

As most of you know, Kevin and I both have large families. 
Harvey is the 14th Grandchild in the Orr family.
and is the 17th Grandchild in the Shumway Family.
Most of Kevin's siblings live close, so they were lucky enough to come visit the day Harvey was born. 
Oh course the first person to get to the hospital was Cassidee, Harvey's Favorite person on the Shumway Side.

I love How Proud Kevin looks as He shows off Harvey!

This is how soon people got to the hospital!
Some of the best advice I got about delivery was to have someone order a pizza while you are pushing, because you're really hungry afterwards! Such a good idea! 

First Diaper!

Uncle Nathan and Calvin, Harvey's cousin

Big boy!

Uncle Pj

Aunt Stephanie

Aunt Cass!
Grandma Susan

Uncle Nathan

Aunt Heather

Aunt Bizzy

Grandma Kim

Cousin Leo! (He was in the room when Harvey was born!)

Auntt Codee

Grandpa Joe!

Harvey James Shumway

So I think its safe to say having a baby makes everything harder! including blogging! its been almost 8 months since I last posted. So get ready for some awesome posts!
WARNING: Some things in this post might be TMI and bloody. So brace yourself.
Being pregnant was uncomfortable, but not as bad as I thought it would be I cant believe I got so big! I couldn't wait to have the baby, but I told myself I wouldn't worry about anything. so even though waiting was hard. I didn't freak out about it.

Kevin was such a good sport! My mom flew out from Wisconsin to be here for the birth, so luckily I was able to be induced at 6pm on February 27th. Kevin and I packed up all our things and headed out to the Hospital. I may have packed too much, and I wasn't able to carry anything, so Kevin Helped out a bit.
When we got to the hospital the doctor put something in my cervix to soften it, and it was to stay there all night until early that morning- and it did just that. no contractions until about 7am. We got excited when they started. Kevin my mom and I started walking around and counting how far apart they were- about 5 minutes. Soon contractions were getting harder so the doctor decided to break my water. and after that We walk around a bit more. the contractions got so intense that walking was getting a little too hard so I jumped back in bed and they gave me medicine through an IV. That was glorious. I was able to rest for a few hours, and eventually the medicine couldn't stop the pain. So after about 8 hours they gave me an epidural. epidurals are amazing! I couldn't really move at all, and I couldn't feel any pain, or anything at all for that matter, and after going through quite a few hours of horrible pain it was euphoric.
(although it did make me very sick!)
Kevin was very supportive through the whole ordeal. He helped me breath through contractions and sat with me all through labor.
At 6:40 I was ready to push. I had NO idea how I was going to do it seeing how I couldn't even lift my head (As shown in this picture)
It was much easier than I expected All thanks to my mother-in-law Susan, She is truly a wonderful coach! about she would need to be after 9 kids! (I suppose I should thank my mom and kevin for their help too)
at 7:02pm, About 15 minutes later.....

The first thing I thought when he was born was "Already?" I didn't even know he had come out until he was crying! it all happened so fast! The second thing I remember thinking was "Give me my freaking baby!!" The doctor took his time cleaning Harvey off before he gave him to me...I couldn't speak very loud because, as you could imagine, I was very weak. I remember whimpering "Give him to me, give him to me" but he probably couldn't hear over my sobbing. Having a baby is very emotional!

 When he finally gave me Harvey I was so excited! to finally hold him in my hands. He was SO slippery! I was scared i was going to drop him, thankfully my mom's hands were there to help me otherwise I probably would have dropped him.

Kevin said he wasn't going to cut the cord because he thought it was gross. but of course, after seeing Harvey and what I went through, He figured it wasn't so bad!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 more weeks...

This was from last week...27 weeks
So yes I know, I know, I haven't been documenting this pregnancy very well. my sister called me the other day and told me that my dad was getting mad that i hadn't put any belly pictures up for a long time. I really didn't think i had gotten that much bigger... then i took a picture of myself. I guess i have gotten a little bigger...My belly button is trying so hard to stay in, but you can kinda see in the picture that the top of it is sticking out. oh boy....
Speaking of Boy, this little one is doing really good. Lots of kicking and such. He is recognizing mine and Kevin's voices, although he doesn't care much for mine, when he hears his Dad's he kicks and kicks. So sweet!
So one thing i didn't really think of before i was pregnant was how in the world i was going to sleep. Holy crap. this is SO annoying. no matter what i try its so uncomfortable! (the pillow between the knees doesn't work, neither does the one under the belly) other than waking up 5 times a night to pee, i wake up another 5 times to switch sides, i wake up with such sore ribs (which are now totally stretched out) I still have 3 whole months left....Yikes! lets hope they go fast!

December 4th 2011

Happy Anniversary to my Loving Husband Kevin!

I cant tell you How luck I feel To be Married to Kevin. He is such a good husband, I don't think that I could have asked for anyone better or more sweet and loving than him!  This year has been the very best year of my life without a doubt.  There have been so many new and exciting things happen and now so many fun and exciting things for the future!
 I cannot wait to see what happens this year!

This year for our anniversary we didn't have a lot of money or time to plan something big to do, so we decided to just have a day to ourselves at home. It was So nice to just be with Kevin, things have been very busy lately with work and school and such that we don't get much time for that anymore.
ere we are a year later, A little chubbier on my part, and a little hairier on Kevin's part (Christmas Beard)
For our anniversary dinner we decided to make homemade quesadillas like we have since before we were married. its so goood! 
I feel like i look SO much like mom in this picture. Its creepy!

Kevin was the very best at making the tortillas, so i just cooked them.
They turned out SO good!
Anyways the rest of the day we didn't take pictures, but it wasn't anything we could take pictures of....Just watchin' movies and such. we also took a nice long nap. Good day all in all. Next year I am sure we will have a lot to do, especially with our Harvey boy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Harvey James Shumway

So I have to admit it has been awhile and I haven't posted anything about mine and Kevin's baby boy. But I honestly wanted to wait until I figured my scanner out. Well I figured it out...a few weeks ago. Such a slacker.
This week I am 25 weeks along! when these were taken I was 19 weeks along, He definitely is a lot bigger. I don't think he can move anymore without me feeling it. and let me tell you. Its a freaking weird feeling. its also weird to look down and see my belly lopsided or see Harvey kick. So weird.
He is already so cute!
Look at that "Orr" nose...
 I am feeling SO huge! My shirts are seriously not fitting me at all anymore, its sad to think about. But more encouragement to loose the baby weight!
23 weeks.

We are So excited to meet our Son! About 4 more months until hes here!
but now that you have seen some pictures of our dear Harvey. who do you guys think Harvey will look most like? Me or Kevin?