Monday, August 13, 2012

Meeting The Family

As most of you know, Kevin and I both have large families. 
Harvey is the 14th Grandchild in the Orr family.
and is the 17th Grandchild in the Shumway Family.
Most of Kevin's siblings live close, so they were lucky enough to come visit the day Harvey was born. 
Oh course the first person to get to the hospital was Cassidee, Harvey's Favorite person on the Shumway Side.

I love How Proud Kevin looks as He shows off Harvey!

This is how soon people got to the hospital!
Some of the best advice I got about delivery was to have someone order a pizza while you are pushing, because you're really hungry afterwards! Such a good idea! 

First Diaper!

Uncle Nathan and Calvin, Harvey's cousin

Big boy!

Uncle Pj

Aunt Stephanie

Aunt Cass!
Grandma Susan

Uncle Nathan

Aunt Heather

Aunt Bizzy

Grandma Kim

Cousin Leo! (He was in the room when Harvey was born!)

Auntt Codee

Grandpa Joe!